Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Pets… The Solar Eclipse is Coming!


Elizabeth Harless, Journalist

           On June 8, 1918, the moon passed between the Sun and the Earth and caused a total, coast to coast solar eclipse. Monday August 21, 2017, this will occur for the first time in 99 years since then.

 It is well known that people’s eyes can will be severely damaged if they look directly at the sun, even if it is covered by the moon. To prevent this, special glasses have been made so people are able to safely view the eclipse. However, what precautions should we take to protec our pets?

          When the solar eclipse is mentioned, people don’t usually begin to think about the safety of their pets. In 2016 alone, less than 20 domestic animals died due to some sort of solar eclipse. That seems like a low number, but it is too many pet deaths when people could just be taking the proper safety precautions. When the eclipse occurs, people should keep their pets inside just in case. When the sun is fully covered, pets may think it’s night time and sleep for longer periods of time.

         In order to protect our pets, we should keep our animals inside just in case because they are very unpredictable and might blind themselves accidentally. In addition to this, we can save our pets’ sleep schedule by playing with them during the eclipse instead of letting them sleep.