Egg Epedemic

Egg Epedemic

Winnie Sisk, Journalist


Okay so many of you must be wondering what eggs-actly is going on in Europe. For the past two months there has been a Fipronil outbreak, contaminating nearly 140 Dutch egg farms. These eggs contain roughly .oo5 mg of Fipronil, which they were using to treat the lice and fleas on the chickens. The was not an egg-cellent idea on their part, because it ended up contaminating eggs in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Britain, and France.

The warning says Fipronil affects your kidneys, liver, and thyroid glands, as if eating eggs from mass-produced chicken farms has no effect on y

our body. Though it is serious that Belgium knew about the levels of Fipronil in the eggs, and did not make it public till nearly two months later.

The outbreak is actually not as serious as everyone is thinking, because the only way to get a harmful amount in your system is to eat 140 eggs in eight hours, which the average person does not usually do. Though if you do have a habit of eating that many eggs in that short a span, it is time to stop your disgusting habit.

The search of the source of these eggs has ended and they have disposed of all the eggs known to contain any Fipronil, which is nearly every egg produced in the past two months at 140 egg farms.