HHS Football Season Preview


Sterling Sellers, Sports Journalist

The start of the school year brings about the return of football season. Whether you’re a player, coach, trainer, or just a student ready to cheer on your Houston Mustangs, there is no escaping the excitement and spirit that the football season ignites. The Mustangs are led by Head Coach Will Hudgens, who will look for his team to improve on last years 4-6 record. The coaches and players remain humble, yet still show the hints of optimism that accompany a fresh start to a season.
     When asked about the improvements that need to be made this year, Defensive Coordinator, James Thomas said, “We have a lot of new faces in the offense, so it will be important for those guys to get plenty of reps early on.” He then added, “We have linemen that have played on both sides of the ball. We’ll definitely be looking for those guys to help those new faces get up to speed with the rest of the team.” He also spoke about the mentality that he wants the team to use throughout the season, “We don’t set goals in terms of an overall record. We set goals on a game to game basis. We want to be 1-0 at the end of the first week.”
     Every year brings in a fresh crop of seniors, who are expected to lead the team both on and off the field. When asked about his role as a senior, Patrick Mullings said, “We need to make sure that everything is getting done, because this is our year. This is the year that we will remember for the rest of our lives.” Coach Thomas was also quick to state the importance of the senior class, “We always lean on our seniors to be the leaders in the locker room, on the field, and in the school. We are only as good as they make us. This is their team.”
     The seniors were also adamant about the importance of the junior class. Senior, Emmanuel Chi, was quick to praise the younger classes. “We have a lot of really good juniors and sophomores this year. This is the season where they will really get the chance to improve. There are definitely a few diamonds in the rough.” Another student in the class of 2018, Trey Davis, said this “They (juniors and sophomores) take direction and listen really well. They are a big part of this team and help us when we aren’t necessarily at our best.”
      The Mustangs home opener takes place on Friday, August 25 against fierce rivals Germantown. The Houston offense will be led by Sophomore quarterback Ethan Burns. Patrick Mullings summed up his expectations for the season by saying, “I want this to be the year where we can say that we did something. We want to be the leaders on the team when we did something big.”