Colombian Plane Crash


Mallory Carty

A charter plane recently crashed in Columbia killing at least 75 people. Passengers on that plane include the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense, who were on their way to compete in the first round of the South American Cup Finals. Along with the soccer team, over 20 journalists were on the aircraft. The plane wreckage was searched in the mountains just outside Medellin, Columbia. According to officials, the crash occurred in an area called Cerro El Gordo near Medellin. Although over 75 were killed, at least three soccer players, two crew members, and one journalist survived. Alan Luciano Ruschel is one of the few survivors, and a member of the soccer team aboard the flight. His wife later posted on Instagram saying that he was hospitalized in stable condition. Officials did not specify what happened to the plane causing the crash, but did say that the wounded were being transported to medical centers. The soccer team that boarded the plane not knowing what was about to happen, were the underdogs of the tournament they were participating in. The team has surprised many with its performance in the tournament this year. “It’s a Cinderella football story. They’ve only been in the top division in Brazil for the last couple of years, and they’ve reached the Copa Sudamericana final,” Keir Radnedge of World Soccer magazine told CNN. “What they have achieved in the last couple of years was just amazing.” It is a devastating way to end their season. Family members and teammates are trying to cope with the losses.