Oklahoma Fugitive Killed in Police Shootout

Oklahoma Fugitive Killed in Police Shootout

Nora Cooper

Oklahoma Fugitive Killed in Police Shootout

Michael Vance,38, had been on the run since October 23 when he shot two Oklahoma police

officers and killed two of his relatives. Vance then later appeared on Facebook Live, bragging

about his actions and threatening more violence.

The two relatives were Robert and Valerie Kay Wilkson who were later identified as his aunt

and uncle. Ronald Everett Wilkson, 55, had been shot and had stab wounds to his neck

"consistent with an attempt to sever his head," an arrest affidavit said. Valerie Kay Wilkson, 54,

had similar neck wounds along with defensive wounds on her arms, the affidavit stated.

He was camping out in Hammon, Oklahoma, about 150 west of where his rampage began in

Wellston. Vance had shot and wounded a Dewey County officer and escaped in a car early on

Sunday, according to U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Dave Turk. He managed to evade

authorities by fleeing in a car. At around 9:30, Dewey County Sheriff Clay Sander caught up with

Vance and pulled him over.

The Sheriff was then wounded in a shoot and Vance escaped. An Oklahoma Highway Patrol

trooper later spotted Vance. A shootout erupted and Vance was killed.