YouTube Demonetization Controversy

Emma Coons

YouTube Demonetization Controversy

Written by: Emma Coons

As many an avid YouTube fan would know, nobody likes ads. Ads keep us away

from our cherished challenge videos and tag videos, but they are there for many reasons.

One of these reasons is that the YouTube creators can make a living off of what they love

doing: making videos. However many of these YouTube creators are suddenly having

their videos demonetized, or having the ads taken off, because of their content.

“YouTubers” make a living off their videos, so having them demonetized can ruin

their career. YouTube as a private company is in their full right to demonetize videos for

their content; however, the main problem is that YouTube has been demonetizing videos

without notifying creators for quite some time now.

YouTube creator Philip DeFranco has made several videos on the topic, stating

that many of his videos (news related) have been demonetized not for inappropriate

language or video, but the video content itself. He creates news-oriented videos, making

his videos more likely to be hit as the content can be quite sensitive.

Many creators think this new system is biased against certain creators and the fact

that these creators have been being hit for years without knowing is very wrong. Who

knows how many new stories will come from this issue!