Volleyball Pre-Season

Mallory Carty

Houston volleyball has a tradition of winning, qualifying and competing in state 9 times in the past 10 years! Junior Maddie Howe describes last year’s team as “the dream team”. She says that, “with 6 of our 7 seniors playing in college, we have the bar set really high for this season”.

Head Coach Becky Pendleton has coached at Houston for 15 years, and thinks that the team flowed really well together last year. She stated, “since it was full of seniors who have played together for 3 years, it really made a difference”.

This year, she expects the team to go on to win districts, region, and qualify for state. Junior Sarah Fleisher expects them to go to state, and “actually compete”.

To keep up Houston’s tradition of winning, with a record of 43-15 just last season, there many things that need to be worked on. According to Sarah Fleisher, how the team flows together is one of the most important things. Coach Pendleton agrees, and also says they need to work on communication, passing to target, and serving in the court. This season should be a year of learning, communicating, and hopefully winning!