Houseparty is in the House!

Emma Coons

Houseparty is in the House!

Written by: Emma Coons

This past week here at Houston, a new craze has flooded the halls. Not only has

everyone’s data been absolutely demolished, but also everyone’s having to charge their phone

every other period. Every five minutes a students’ phone lights up, “_____ is in the house!”

What is this phenomenon you might ask? Houseparty.

Houseparty is a new app where you can easily video chat as many people as you want at

once. In between classes, during study hall, and some kids are even just looking at their friends

faces ever so slightly moving on their phones during class.

What’s the point you might ask? Well, I don’t really know. Yes, I have one. And I’m

obsessed with it. But I don’t really know why. It uses data and battery and if I’m doing it during

school really I’m just looking at my friends…

I think people enjoy the company of others, whether that’s an actual party at a house or a

Houseparty. Even if I’m just looking at them and can’t hear anything that’s going on, I know

they’re there and they care. So Houseparty may be a dumb app that kills your battery life, but it’s

fun and makes people happy.

So now that you’re informed, go! It’s free on the App Store and Google Play! Go make a

Houseparty! Get in the house!