Celebrity Rule of Threes and the Massacre That was 2016

Emma Coons

Celebrity Rule of Threes and the Massacre That was 2016

By: Emma Coons

Everyone’s heard of the celebrity “rule of threes,” but did you know how many times this

actually occurred? Also, we all know 2016 is known for the inordinate amount of hyper-famous

celebrity deaths, and this rule stayed alive this year.

What is the celebrity “rule of threes?” This is the idea that more often than not well-

known individuals die in sets of threes, as in three pass away within a few days of each other.

This has happened on more occasions then you might think:

Alan Thicke, George Michael, Carrie Fisher

David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Rene Angelil

Prince, Chyna, Doris Roberts

Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon

Emma Coons, Jack Franklin, Chad Becker

Yea, that’s right. All of these sets died within a set of three days each. Crazy, huh?

Also, 2016 is going down in history as a year of high-class celebrity deaths. Here’s all the

notable people who died last year.

David Bowie

Rene Angelil

Glenn Frey

Nancy Reagan

Frank Sinatra Jr


Muhammad Ali

Kenny Baker

Gene Wilder

Alan Thicke

George Michael

Carrie Fisher

Debbie Reynolds

Most people explain the celebrity “rule of threes” as just a coincidence and justify it by saying

it’s a way the public can cope with tragedy, but what can we say, it’s interesting!