Syrian Civil War Ceasefire In Progress

Claudia Sullivan

Syrian Civil War Ceasefire In Progress

The beginning of the end of conflict in the war-ravaged country of Syria is on the horizon.

A proposal of peace, which was instigated by Russia and Turkey, has been agreed upon by the

Syrian government and militia. Officials on all sides are confident that this pact will stand for the

long term and make a significant difference to the present state of Syria. Ibrahim Kalin, the

spokesman for the Turkish president, has stated “We consider the ceasefire an important step

to resolve the Syrian conflict”.

Starting last week, this fragile agreement has resulted in a call to halt all military and opposed

rebel operations, excluding the battle against terrorist groups such as ISIS and Jabhat Fateh

al-Sham. Almost immediately, a foreign environment of calmness was reported by the locals,

marking the early stages of the ceasefire a success. This will increase safety for more Syrians

and concurrently reduces the refugee crisis which the world faces.

The Syrian civil war outbreak dates back to 2011. The conflict is between the long serving

Assad family government and rebel militias. Additionally, rebels have been joined by those

wanting Syria to be under Islamic law.

For many reasons, this civil war has attracted multiple international contributors, such as Russia

and the United States. The atrocities, which are result of the conflict, have put the lives of Syrian

civilians in grave danger. The United Nations has estimated that 400,000 people have died. This

staggering number of casualties and intense violence has resulted in over 11 million civilians

fleeing their homes. With more than 50 per cent of Syrians on the run, the world is faced with a

refugee and humanitarian crisis. There is an urgent need for a resolution to begin handling the

overflow of refugees and start the restoration of the once beautiful Middle Eastern country Syria.