Planet Earth Revived

Planet Earth Revived

Emma Coons

Planet Earth Revived

Written by: Emma Coons

Originally airing on March 25, 2007 here in America, Planet Earth stunned millions with

its high-tech film style and amazing capture of nature’s beauty. Planet Earth was actually a

sequel to the original BBC Broadcast The Blue Planet, a landmark series on the history of the

world’s oceans in 2001. Planet Earth also aired in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and America

on first the Discovery Channel, then Velocity, Science Channel, Animal Planet, Destination

America, and runs reruns on BBC America. Following this landmark series came The Frozen

Planet and now Planet Earth II.

Planet Earth II premiered Sunday, February 19 th on BBC America and has been all the

buzz since. It is narrated by Sir David Attenborough and has its theme music composed by Hans

Zimmer. It originally premiered in Great Britain on November 6 th , 2016 and produced by the

BBC; it’s even available in ultra-HD 4K. The series promises six episodes and a compilation

episode finish. The Independent's Christopher Hooton said of the show: "It is undoubtedly the

greatest TV nature documentary to date and there's a strong case for it being one of the best TV

series full stop."  The Telegraph compared this run to the original Planet Earth series and said

that "advances in technology have enabled intimate high-definition close-ups and gasp-inducing

aerial shots" and continues to say that "It has become predictable to heap superlatives upon the

BBC Natural History Unit and wax lyrical about Attenborough’s status. But both institutions

should be treasured while we’re lucky enough to still have them."

The first episode, “Islands” blew all expectations. They were already pretty high, but this

blew it out of the park. The episode shows underwater lizards, pretty birds, penguin colonies, and

scariest of all, a baby lizard chased by thousands of snakes.