Domestic Abuse Survivor Marries First Responder

Skylar Hampton


In 2012, Melissa Dohme Hill was contacted by her high school boyfriend. At the time, Melissa was 20 years old. The boyfriend said he wanted to meet up and gain closure, so she agreed. When she arrived, her ex-boyfriend pulled out a switchblade and stabbed her 32 times. He left her on the side of the road, bleeding out and dying. Melissa would have died on the side of the road if it weren’t for Cameron Hill, the first paramedic to respond on the scene. Following the attack, Dohme Hill flat-lined four times, suffered from a stroke, and went into a coma due to severe blood loss. Her facial muscles were also severed, and she could not speak or smile. Cameron Hill was the first responder to approach Melissa. He helped treat her and transport her to the trauma center. About a year after the attack, the two met at lunch. Just two months later, they started dating. Two years later, Cameron Hill proposed to Melissa at a baseball game. The two were married earlier this month, surrounded by doctors and nurses who helped Melissa recover from her attack. Dohme Hill now works as an advocate against domestic violence. Melissa said she would never want to experience the attack again, but is grateful that it led her to Cameron.