Senior Wills: E – G

Houston High School’s Class of 2017 leaves their memories to underclassmen and faculty in their Senior Wills.


I, William Charles Fite, being of exhausted mind and worn-out body, hereby leave these things to the following people: To the current juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, and future students of Houston High School, I leave the remaining shreds of my motivation. In the end it really pays off to work hard (As long as your doing it for the right reasons and aren’t losing your sanity.) Even when it doesn’t seem like it. To the orchestra, I leave my love of music (Even if I never practice my violin.) , and I actually leave my music binder because I have absolutly no idea where it is in the Orchestra room.

To the International Club and Frau Penrod, I leave my gratitude for four amazing, enriching years; I also leave my love of culture, as well as my ability to pull off acts with last-minute practicing.

To Senora Ferryman, I leave my love of spanish, my gratitude for being the greatest spanish teacher of all time, and the mountains of homework from her classes


I, Ethan David French IV, being of superior mind and sound body hereby leave these things to the following people: I wish Carson Dargie good luck in his career as a guidance counselor. I leave the sad tradition of drinking soda and playing country music outside the football games to Joseph Stagoski.  


I, Sally Elizabeth Gairhan, being of swell mind and broken body, hereby leave these things to the following people: To Keegan Szalay, I leave you grape costumes, coffee dates, and my beloved role of mom. To Scott Wizinski, I leave you the walks to our cars and the adoration of many amazing middle schoolers. To Sam Haddow and Elizabeth Grimm, I leave you the yearbook senior section and your own juniors. To Julia Maxwell, I leave you the passenger seat of my car. To Lauren Irviro and Rylie Jane Hern, I leave you an open spot on my couch in Fayetteville. And to the SGA Executive Board, I leave you potlucks, TSpain, and finding a way to make it all happen.


I, Pat Garner, being of sound mind and lavenous body, do hereby bestow: My tennis hustle on Mark Gresham and Grey Smith. I bequeath the Math Department to Jake Manuel. I hand down my punting position and pre-game prayer spot to Drew De Sanctis and entrust the kicking corps to Emmanuel Chi. To Mr. Davis, I leave the challenging Calculus III material, especially 3D vectors, that he will continue to impart on America’s youth. To the tennis team, I transfer the responsibility to buy Diet Pepsi. I pass on my lightheartedness to Samuel Robertson. To Zach Holtz and Andrew Peterson, I grant all of the possible cinematic camera shots.


I Shaela Gardner, being of convivial mind and athletic body, hereby leave these things to the following people: I leave Bailey Mardis the bowling shoes and baggy flair pants. Jayla Hemingway 2 more years of ugh school and Kelsey Trice the task of keeping the team together. I leave Rodney Mason “the gang” and the big kids crew. Maddie Griggs free throws (in coach voice) and Maddie and Melisa Carter the all star weekends. I leave Kavious Newsom my friend Hedwig. Coach Thomas our road trips and the team and Coach Moore the final four, y’all know what to do next 🙂


I, Abdul Gihem, being of open mind and full body, hereby leave these things to the following people: Saleh, to stay on task and to write down your class assignments. Also to study for your tests and quizzes.


I, Luke Guizlo, being of full mind and fat body, hereby leave these things to the following people: Sean Young: A youtube account, supplies for a “draw my life,” a video camera, applications to 20 different community colleges, and an application to Mulan so you can hook me up with a fat discount. #striveforyourdreams #bandisasport #goals #BEATBOBJONES
I, Elise Garner, being of senioritis mind and tired body, hereby leave these things to the following people: To Brooke Blair I leave my love of color gaurd, my locker, and goofing off during practice. To Abbie Seaton I leave de-stressing after practice, keeping calm, bus rides, and enjoying life. To Grace Swanson I leave late nights with friends, sassy comments, rapping eminem, and befriending underclassmen. To Mr. Kolodziej, I leave saying hello in the hallway. To Dr. Suchman, I thank you for giving me records, loving star wars, and always asking about our weekends. To Ms. Plaisance, I thank you for being an amazing, caring teacher, and really making history come to life. The biggest compliment you ever gave me was that I reminded you of yourself, thank you. To the Houston Band, I leave bad tan lines, Friday night football games, winning at competitions, amazing memories, and life long friends.