Senior Wills: C – D

Houston High School’s Class of 2017 leaves their memories to underclassmen and faculty in their Senior Wills.


I, Ashley Carroll, being of humble body and vertically-challenged body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Yaelle, I leave the countless amounts of kicks and punches in choir. To Grace Evan Juniors, I leave the amazing memories in Colorado and hope you all have an amazing senior year. To Emily Harrell, I leave the beach memories and constant shoving in the hallway. To Trey, Katie, and Jeffrey I leave you a Danita-less senior year. Lastly, to Shakur, I leave 6 years of the apartment pool and park memories.


I, Erica Canaday, being of stressed mind and a runner’s body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Samuel and Logan, I leave full-reign of Houston High School and to carry on the Canaday name. To Caroline Howell and Elissa Adams, I leave the coveted Houston High Cross Country Geese. To Ashlyn Barclay, I leave the Girls In Motion presidency and our daily freshman/sophomore bus ride rant sessions. To all my JV cross country girls, I leave you Shelby Farms’ trails, Wolf River Trails, and the neighborhoods behind Houston. I love you all and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in high school.


I, Mallory Farris Carty, being of hectic mind and insanely tall body, hereby leave these things to the following people. My grey dress and flannel (AKA the best outfit ever) to Jack Franklin, along with the belief of dinosaurs. To Emma Coons, I leave you “all of my innocence”. To Garrison Carroll, I leave the inner joy I would get at Chick-Fil-A when I was given the employee discount, along with my amazing Salsa dancing skills, and to Patrick Mullings I leave my weekly Chick-Fil-A Bible studies. To Trey Davis, I leave you all the food I never brought you in study hall. To Mr. Harris, I leave you my daily excuses to go somewhere… thank you for letting me get stuff done! To Mark Gresham, I leave all of the jokes we made about Carson. Finally, to Landon Schmidt a.k.a. “Lance”, I leave all of my love, you’ll forever be my boyfriend.


I, Michael Collins, being of something I can’t think of mind and out of shape body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Matthew Moskowitz, I leave my latin abilities (what’s left of them). To “snow” Robin Cotten IV, I leave my four-square passion and the ability to take the section to greatness. To Slum, I guess you can have my oreos. Finally, to Emma Raccoons, I leave Mikey’s World Famous Pizza Sauce and all my whistling skills.


I, Alexander Anthony Comas, being of clever mind and Cuban body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Nathan Farmer and Stockton Edgeworth, I leave you my TA chair in Mr. U’s and permission to check Morgan at any time. To Samuel Powell, I leave you a razor blade to shave the mop on your head. To Fall Johnson, I leave you your phone charger that became mine. To Archie Whitaker, I leave you a brown paper bag to put over your head during the Ole Miss football season. To Muhammad Arshad, I leave you whatever notes I took my senior year. To Helen Sieggreen, I leave you the title of Mr. Robinson’s favorite student. To Ben Mayer, I leave you a backup camera and a booster seat to help you drive. Finally, to Sam Robertson, I leave you a rap playlist and some duct tape for your car as well as a key to my dor4m in Knoxville.


I, Nora Cooper, being of sound mind and sound body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Sarah Kailin, I leave the costumes used for The Tempest in hopes that they may help the Shakespeare Society in their production next year. To Jack Franklin and Emma Coons, I leave my #10 Newspaper laptop in the hopes that it will encourage them to write more articles for the HHS Newspaper. To Audrey Rollen, Christin Coyle, and Sydney Alexander, I leave my encouragement and best wishes in the hopes that next year’s Literary Magazine is even better than this years.


I, Sophie Cowan, being of forgetful mind and small body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Amy Claire and Rylie Jane Hern, I leave behind the counter girl duties at Garibaldi’s (especially the scramble to get shifts covered). Kallie Ogburn shall receive the sports edition of the yearbook. Everything else relating to yearbook I will bestow to Katie Fagan, Allison Griffin, and Lindsey Ross. Abby Gold receives the special honor of riding with me every morning (even when I was cranky or late) and the after school errands I often dragged her on. To Lauren Irvine, I leave behind the Emmanuel Youth Group and entrust her with Jenna Hornsby (please take care of her!). Alex Makhloufi, after Lauren graduates you may have youth group. Lastly to my (basically) little sister Jenna Hornsby, I leave the rest of my “worldly possessions”. Peace out.


I, Thomas J. Cramer, being of mellowed mind and tired body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Josh Penrod, I leave the title of “The Legend” within the low brass. To Joel Richards, I leave my ability to not take everything seriously. To Jackson Boutwell, I leave my coat hangers in the changing room on the band hallway. To the returning trombones and baritones, I leave my inside joke.


I, Felicia Dattilo, being of miserable mind and muppet body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Spencer Lawton, I leave behind bread (and probably all of my closing shifts). To Eli Salajka, I leave the frozen hand in the back cooler (blame it on Jake and Antonio). To Jack Franklin, I leave møÿstȩ, rhinestones, and next year’s Mensches of the Menorah t-shirt idea, “Scooby Jew”. Lastly, to Ms. P, I leave every bad joke I ever told and every kermit I ever drew.


I, Tabitha Davis, being of sound mind and sound healthy body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Kennedy Maclin, I leave my positive attitude. To Ashley Ward, I leave my sweet smile and seat in Mr. Kolodziej’s room. To Collin Siddell, I leave my sweet personality, school spirit, and my encouraging words towards him to keep him going and smiling.


I, Clarisse de Jesus, being of deteriorating mind and clumsy body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Megan Cantreid, I leave my SweatshirtTM. I hope you’re always chilling with a hair tie, no makeup, and with some sweatpants on. To Drew (John) Michael, I leave all the opportunities to fall down the stairs 24/7 and my love for Shrek (never forget our Perkins hangout every late start day). To Atika Azouz, I leave my ability to wake up in the mornings (even though you’re still going to be late) – thanks for making our theater group stronger. Jackson Keller, I leave my awkward pre-show Beyoncé dances. To Bailey Dumlao, I give you 12of my filipino-ness, so you can stop being a fake filipino. Mykal Bayne, I can’t leave you anything because you’re already perfect. Finally, Spencer Lawton, I leave you bread for your bread addiction. I’d like to thank Kell Christie for making me love being on stage again and teaching me to love myself without being sorry about it.
I, Marissa De Sanctis, being of unpredictable mind and lively body, hereby leave these things to the following people. To Drew, I leave my dancing genes and hair. To Mattison Puckett, I leave senior year. To Sam and Katie, I leave leadership (aka captains of the Dance Team). To Madison Weir, I leave my touchy and aggressive way of communicating love. To Abbe Hargett, I leave all our laughs and sass on the field. Lastly, to Stockten Edgeworth, I leave my love.