Police Find Drug Laced Lollipops

Police Find Drug Laced Lollipops

Skylar Hampton, Writer

A 15-year-old girl experienced a drug overdose, caused by what is believed to be a drug-laced lollipop from a Pennsylvania high school.

On Wednesday, February 1, police received reports of the incident after the teen’s parents rushed her to the hospital. Police have been led to believe the overdose was caused by a lollipop she received from a fellow classmate.

Erie County police chief Donald Dacus informed parents and teachers that the police seized 15 lollipops from a 17-year-old at the high school. The incident occurred at Perseus House Charter School of Excellence, but the teen supposedly distributed approximately 60 lollipops to other surrounding schools.

At this time police are lab testing the lollipops, and have yet to release what kind of drug was found within the candy.

The school’s head administrator has notified all families. Teachers and parents are now on the lookout for other suspicious candy or other foods.