Tornados Take the Lives of 18 People in the South


Skylar Hampton, Writer

On Saturday, January 21, a massive storm system made its way across the southeast region of the US. Storms extended into tornados and hit multiple cities, stretching from Mississippi to Florida.

The storms began on Saturday night. Counties in Georgia and Mississippi were hit the most severely. On Sunday the storms continued, making their way up to North Carolina.

Mobile homes, cars, and other belongings were pulverized due to these intense storms. At least 18 lives have been claimed due to the tornados.

At least 14 people were killed in Georgia alone. Tornados were appearing before dusk and the storms continued into the night. There are 4 confirmed deaths in Mississippi, as well.

Officials are still working to clean up downed trees and powerlines. Some roads are still closed off due to mass amounts of debris covering them.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has issued a state of emergency in several counties in southern Georgia. Government officials and resources are doing all that they can to ensure safety in these areas.

President Trump has reportedly spoken with the governor and said “we’ll be helping Georgia.” As of now, residents of these counties are just awaiting help and restoration to their homes.