Orlando Cop Shooter Captured

Orlando Cop Shooter Captured

Nora Cooper, Writer

After more than a month on the run, the suspect accused of killing his pregnant ex- girlfriend, Sade Dixon and police Lt. Debra Clayton has been captured, officials said Tuesday night.

“We got him!,” Orlando police officials tweeted Tuesday, more than a week after Loyd allegedly killed the officer.

Markeith Loyd is suspected of shooting Dixon on December 13 and Lt. Clayton outside a Walmart on January 9.

His alleged rampage began a multiagency manhunt, and an investigation led authorities to an abandoned house in Orlando’s Carver Shores area, where Loyd was arrested, Orlando police Chief John Mina said in a news conference.

The suspect was said to be found at trying to flee out of the house dressed in body armor and carrying two handguns. Mina says Loyd resisted arrest and was injured when police used force. In a video, his face appears to be swollen and bruised, and he said. “They beat me up! They beat me up!” as he walked past reporters. Mina said that an investigation into the force used against Loyd will be conducted, which is standard procedure.

The capture took place a day after Clayton’s funeral, making the scene very powerful as the officers applauded as the top brass gathered in a hallway of police headquarters before the news conference.

Three others have also been arrested for allegedly helping Loyd evade capture, and more arrests are expected, Mina said.

They arrested Lakensha Smith Loyd, one of Loyd’s nieces for allegedly contacting people on behelf of her uncle after Dixon’s death.

They arrested Zarghee Mayan, who deputies said failed to contact authorities after Loyd told him he killed Dixon.

They arrested Jameis Slaughter, who is accused of collecting money for Loyd and lying to police about being in contact with him.