Ringling Bros. Circus Shutting Down

Ringling Bros. Circus Shutting Down

Skylar Hampton, Writer

After more than 100 years in operation, The Ringling Bros. Circus has decided to shut down.

CEO Kenneth Feld said that this was a very difficult decision, but the circus will hold its final performances in May 2017. A decrease in ticket sales and a rise in operating costs has made the business unsustainable.

In 2016, the Ringling Bros. decided to remove the elephants from their shows. Ticket sales seemed to have dropped even more following this decision. Although the elephants were a very popular attraction to the circus, the Ringling Bros. faced a large amount of criticism from animal rights advocates and organizations.

However, the Ringling Bros. still run a 200-acre elephant conservation center in rural Florida. This center was opened in 1995, and focuses on the care and research of the Asian elephants used in the shows.

This huge criticism from the public was one of the deciding factors for the Ringling Bros. to shut down the circus.

To wrap up their final performances, the circus’ first female ringmaster will lead the cast through 30 shows across the country before concluding in May.