Mariah Carey


Skylar Hampton, Writer

Mariah Carey suffered through a nightmare of a performance on New Year’s Eve in New York City. During Carey’s performance, vocal backup malfunctions left her wandering around stage struggling to reach notes and keep up with the lyrics of her songs.

The singer performed her hit songs “Emotions” and “We Belong Together” on the live countdown airing on ABC Network. At first, Mariah Carey attempted to keep up and push through the technical malfunctions, but eventually gave up during her second song. A background track continued to play, which gave confirmation that she was, indeed, lip syncing.

After the singer’s train wreck performance made national headlines the following day, she and her producer made a statement in which they blamed Dick Clark Productions for sabotaging her performance. The singer’s manager made an accusation that the crew knew about the malfunctions prior to her performance and did not make an attempt to fix them.

On Monday, the production crew fired back and issued a statement reassuring the public that the crew had nothing to do with the issues in Ms. Carey’s performance. Dick Clark Productions also assured that they would never intentionally compromise the success of any of the performers.

Mariah Carey and her team have all agreed that things happen and they are trying to move on from this performance.