Chicago Facebook Beating


Jonathan Coombs, Writer

On Wednesday, authorities found a special needs teenager wondering the streets. The victim had been reported missing Monday by his parents after they dropped him off at a McDonalds. The victim’s parents received texts messages from an unknown number that warned that they had their son.

Police believe the victim was picked up in the suburbs and taken into Chicago. One of the adults began a live Facebook video of the four beating the tied victim and cutting his hair with a knife, at times cutting his scalp. One of the adult’s shouts: “F*ck Donald Trump! F*ck white people!” The victim cowers in the corner of a room, tied up with his mouth bound. Police believe that the victim was held by his attackers for at least 24 hours.

Police are investigating motive and have not ruled out this as a hate crime. There is also uncertainty on whether or not to classify this as a kidnapping. One of the adults was an acquaintance the victim and attended school with him.

Facebook pulled the video from their site and the four adults, two men and two women, have been taken into custody and are awaiting formal charges.