Pakistani Police Base Bombed


Mallory Carty, Writer

Late Monday night in Quetta, Pakistan, Cadets at a police training academy were awoken to a surprising scene. Terrorists attacked the police academy while all the cadets were asleep. While the terrorists had bombs and guns, the trainees were powerless, they had no weapons to defend themselves. ISIS has taken responsibility for the event. Although they have taken credit for the whole attack, chief of the paramilitary Frontier Corps, Maj. Gen. Sher Afgan, believed Pakistan-based group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi was behind the attack. At least 260 cadets were rescued during the bombing, and 117 made it out with their life, but were very injured. Sadly, 61 were killed. The province has been trying to restore peace and safety with countless sacrifices of security forces, people of Balochistan, and police.