Woman Experiences Pregnancy Symptoms for Three Years


Mallory Carty, Writer

In 2013 a 48 year-old woman named Margaret McMahon from Belfast, Ireland first sought medical attention for a bloated stomach, and abdominal pain. The doctors diagnosed her with irritable bowl syndrome (IBS). She wasn’t content with what the doctors said because she was not experiencing normal bloating that came with the syndrome. McMahon said, “It was like having a never-ending pregnancy except when you’re pregnant, you’re going to have a baby at the end.” After years of chronic pain in her hip and lower back, McMahon did not think the diagnosis was correct, and took matters into her own hands. She was having so much pressure on her bladder, and would feel pain and sick after eating. McMahon requested a private CAT scan, and paid for it with her own money. Turns out, it wasn’t IBS; it was a benign clump of cells situated in or on the surface of her uterus. The mass was 18 centimeters long, and had grown to the size of a watermelon. She was finally able to do everything she used to do, anything from being able to drive five minutes down the road without having to stop to pee, to going on vacation in Spain with her family. McMahon was incredibly ecstatic. After three years, McMahon was finally back to normal!