Creepy Clowns Lure Kids into Woods


Skylar Hampton, Writer

Reports of crazed clowns began showing up in a South Carolina town near the end of August. Since then, even more sightings have occurred across the country.

Parents have been warned not to allow their children to be unsupervised when playing outside. Witnesses claim that people dressed as clowns have been making attempts to talk to and to lure children into woods and the surrounding areas.

A family from South Carolina has said that the two children, ages 10 and 13, were approached by a group dressed as clowns. The two children said some had knives, chains, and even money to bribe them to enter into the woods.

In recent days, however, clown sightings have spread to college campuses. Police at Auburn University were alerted of such sightings and immediately responded. When police arrived, no clowns were to be seen. Officers also checked video footage, but no mysterious lurking activity was spotted on camera.

Such creepy clown sightings have also been reported at Mississippi State University, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and Georgia State University.

Police are at this time still unaware of whether these individuals are intending to cause harm, or are just playing a prank. Either way, police are still patrolling and investigating these crazed appearances.