Football Players Around America Follow in Kaepernick’s Footsteps

Football Players Around America Follow in Kaepernicks Footsteps

Nora Cooper, Writer

After NFL player for the forty- niners, Colin Kaepernick, kneeled during the national anthem before a game, the act has spread to dozens of protests at high school football games throughout the U.S.

Many are calling the protest as a call to the police brutality of African Americans in the United States, while others are saying it address the racist history behind the national anthem, while most are understanding the protest as an overall address of the treatment of African American citizens.

High school football teams with players who knelt during the national anthem include Doherty Memorial High School in Massachusetts, Woodrow Wilson High School in New Jersey, Brunswick High School in Ohio, Waggener High School in Kentucky, Lincoln Southeast High School in Nebraska, and many more.

Along with high school football players, many NFL football players have joined the protest, such as Kenny Stills, Michael Thomas, Arian Foster and Jelani Jenkins from the Miami Dolphins.

These protests have caused major backlash by fans, who say that the act of kneeling during the anthem is an act of hate towards America. Even the Patriots football team, who were playing the Dolphins during their players acts of protest, stood in locked arms during as the “Star- Spangled Banner” was played to show the teams thoughts against the happening protests.

However, many people have also supported the player’s signs of protest in favor of the need for change in prejudice treatment of black people in America.