Killing Animals in Experimentation

Killing Animals in Experimentation

Nora Cooper, Writer

Reporters and animal rights activists alike are devastated at the news of the experiment that took place at the University of Missouri- Columbia. The researchers there are being sued after they allegedly purposefully blinded six beagle puppies in order to test for a way to heal wounded corneas with topical hyaluronic acid.

According to CBS News, This experiment was first published on April 7 of the year, however started coming to light after the Los- Angeles Beagle Freedom Project, a non- profit organization that give treatment to a finds home for dog used in research and experiments, sued the university for trying to charge the project around $82,000 to “make copies of current research projects.” In the process of suing them, they LA beagle Freedom Project was looking through past experiment files and found this one quite disturbing.

Many animal rights activists have reported that beagles are very often used in these kinds of experiments, since they have eyes similar to humans.

The researchers not only failed to find any changes in the wounded corneas, but after the experiment failed they ended up killing the six beagle puppies. Scientists say that even if the acid had worked, the small sample size would have considered the study invalid.