The People vs. Gabby Douglas (and others)

The People vs. Gabby Douglas (and others)

Jack Franklin and Emma Coons

Throughout the Rio Olympics 2016, world-class gymnast and America’s “sweet heart”, Gabby Douglas has faced severe backlash. This may come to a surprise to some because Douglas has helped her fellow teammates win gold in the team all-around finals this year. She is also famous for her performance in the 2012 London Olympics Where does this backlash come from? Well, some people have decided that Gabby Douglas has been a so-called #CrabbyGabby these entire games.

People on the “Twitter-sphere” have decided to attack Douglas. These stale-Cheeto-eating Monsters think cyberbullying Gabby Douglas over things such her hairstyle, her decision to stand at attention during the U.S. National Anthem, and they way NBC edited her to look while Aly Raisman finished her floor routine.

This treatment is extremely unfair!  Why aren’t people attacking Ryan Lochte over Twitter? He is the one who may have actually committed a crime, and people are just shrugging him off like he’s a dumb kid.  Gabby Douglas is being made out to be a klafte*.

Others, like Douglas, have experienced backlash on social media. In the past month, Leslie Jones, Saturday Night Live cast member and star of the new remake of Ghostbusters, received tons of harassment over Twitter ranging from bad reviews of her new flick to racial slurs and sexist sayings.

People have even compared her to Harambe, @fuggingbleb stating, “If we have the technology, we can revive your brother @Lesdoggg” with a picture of the memed gorilla attached:

Other celebrities who’ve experienced the horrendous backlash of cyberbullies include: Ellen Page, who was even threatened with murder for being a lesbian, LeeAnn Rimes, who, after years of torment even had to check into a mental institution to settle her self-abuse, and even North West, the daughter of “infamous” couple “Kimye” has been cyber-bullied at her age of 2 just because of who her parents are.

Gabby Douglas is the biggest example of the backlash of depressed internet bullies right now in media, but cyber-bullying is an epidemic that’s spreading fast over our growingly internet savvy society.


* Yiddish word for “person who is extremely difficult to deal with”