Coast Guard Rescues Man in Inflatable Bubble in the Ocean, Again

Second Time is Definitely Not the Charm


Patrick Canter

Some people set great goals, and with some hard work, they achieve them. Reza Baluchi is not one of these people. The ultra-marathon runner decided that it would be a great idea to get a giant inflatable bubble, put it in the ocean, get in it, and attempt to run from Florida to Bermuda.

Baluchi began his journey late Friday, planning to attempt his 5 month journy in ernest. Unfortunately by Sunday morning he voluntarily gave up his quest and called in the Coast Guard for assistance. The Coast guard, as one can imagine, was not pleased. Especially since this isn’t the first time they’ve had to rescue Baluchi in his bubble. In 2014 the coast guard was called when a boats captain had come into contact with “A crazy guy askin for directions to Bermuda in a bubble.” This time though, they had repeatedly warned him that his idea for a bubble voyage was incredibly unsafe and he could easily be blown of course by a light gust of wind.

While Baluchi’s attempt was for a good cause, and his confidence is admirable, its likely that he won’t be making another attempt anytime soon.