Chinese Woman Found Dead In Elevator


Felicia Dattilo, Staff Writer

      On Tuesday, March 1st, a maintenance crew in Beijing went back to an elevator they had shut down over a month prior to finally perform repairs on the malfunctioning elevator. When they opened the elevator, which had been shut down on January 30th, they discovered something they didn’t expect to find – the dead body of 43-year-old Ms. Wu. Ms. Wu lived alone on the 15th floor of the apartment building, and neighbors claim she had a history of mental illness. Although the exact date and cause of her death is unknown, it is speculated that she may have died from starvation or dehydration for 30 days.

     According to the maintenance crew who shut down the elevator, they shouted down the elevator and asked if anyone was inside. When the crew heard no response, they shut down the elevator despite safety protocols that require they pry open the elevator doors. Ms. Wu’s death has created public outraged by Chinese residents who are furious with the lack of safety in many apartment buildings and housing. Had the crew followed proper safety protocols or had the building manager hired a better crew, the death of Ms. Wu could have been prevented.