Friends Reunion


Baylor Williamson, Staff Writer


This Past Sunday a miracle happened, our favorite sitcom reunited. After almost 12 years the cast of Friends sat down together and answered questions, yet it was not everything we had hoped for.

Learning that this was not just a friends reunion, but just a tidbit in a tribute to their director’s 1,000 episode aired was highly disappointing. I know that myself and many other fans of the show were hoping for a glimpse of the group’s former dynamic. Lets be honest the cast was and will always be squad goals, and we all wanted to relive its glory if only for a moment. But alas we did not get that, it was just like any other interview.

Also Matthew Perry was not in attendance, friends is not the same without Chandler Bing. He is the life of the group, always there to make a sarcastic and awkward comment. While he did leave a record voice message that they played on air, it didn’t include any of his famous wit, the message simply just spoke praise of the director and included a plug for his upcoming play.

I may have had my hopes too high, but the whole thing was just disappointing.