Erin Andrew’s Lawsuit

Erin Andrews Lawsuit

Kelly Gallagher, Staff Writer

In 2011, Espn sports personality Erin Andrews was in Nashville on assignment to cover a Vanderbilt game. While in her hotel room she was secretly recorded in her privet room. Andrew’s filed a lawsuit after this incident for &5 million dollars. She said that the hotel was guilty of negligence and invasion of privacy. The hotel also released that she was a guest there and her room number to Andrew’s known stalker, Michael Barrett. The hotel even granted Barrett’s request to get the room right next to Andrew’s. While Barrett was next to Andrew’s room he snuck a camera and recorded her while she was changing. He then leaked the video to the internet. The verdict of her lawsuit came down to her receiving 55 million dollars. The court ruled that hotel was 49% at fault and owed Andrews 26 million dollars, and Barrett was 51% at fault owing 28 million dollars.