Brian Banks is finally a free man after Wrongful Rape Charge

Samantha Stewart, Staff Writer

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Brain Banks was a student at Long Beach High School who had a promising career in the NFL, until it was taken away by a student who accused him of rape. From the time he was 15 years old, he was told of his major potential in the football career. He even had his own mailbox at school due to overflowing offers by recruiters, but chose to play for the University of South California. Brain was taking summer classes when he ran into Wanetta Gibson, a former friend, where they ended up making out in a stairwell. That same day, he was put into custody and on bail over $1 million, spending that year in juvenile hall.

Instead of risking 41 years in prison if he lost his case, Banks pleaded guilty and spent 5 years in prison. After Banks did his time in prison, including one in juvenile hall, he was released in May of 2012. Because he was a registered sex offender, it was hard for him to find work. Wanetta Gibson soon contacted him asking to hangout, so banks invited her to the investigator’s office where she was asked if Banks had raped her. Wanetta replied, “Of course not. If he raped me, I wouldn’t be here. We were just young and having a good time…” Banks took this to court where his record was cleared and he was a free man.

Wanetta was then ordered to pay $2.6 million to Banks, where she originally received $1.5 million from Long Beach School System claiming it was “unsafe” environment. Banks then got a call from the NFL asking for him to train in their camps and work in an office in New York and also giving motivational speeches. Eventually, after years of building all his skill and muscle back, he was drafted to play for the Atlanta Falcons early this year. Banks is currently engaged to his girlfriend Emmy whom he has dated for 2 years.