The New Weapon against ISIS…RATS

Samantha Stewart, Staff Writer

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Russian scientists have invented a new way to put an end to ISIS; cyborg rats. With the help of a microchip implanted in their head, the rats’ psychological reaction can be detected by scientists even before the rats can react. Three teams at the South Federal University are working on a project called ‘Next Generation Welfare’, which can allow rats to sniff out bombs and drugs. These teams plan to imprint rats’ raptor neurons, which give them a better sense of smell than devices and dogs.

The rats offer a great advantage over other options, because they can remain unseen. Their size helps them maneuver through tight spaces and sniff out drugs or bombs without the suspect realizing. Programmers create mathematical algorithms to gather data of rat’s reactions to various smells. These methods have been tested around the world, such as Colombia.

Though the rats can be a great advantage, there is still setbacks. It takes three months to train a rat but they live only a year. Also, lab mice and rats frequently are injected with cancerous tumors, human cells, meth, and even toxicology tests, which leads to slow painful deaths. Rats undergo lethal treatments and even have their skull drilled for invasive brain experiments, making their existence miserable. Though this is considered animal abuse, experimenting on rats in legal.