The Class of 2016’s Last Will and Testaments

Seniors will graduate on Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Class of 2016s Last Will and Testaments

Antonio Scott, Editor-in-Chief

In their final days as Houston High School Mustangs, the graduating Class of 2016 writes their Last Will and Testaments and hereby affirms their belongings to their successors. The Class of 2016 leaves:

Dima Amro

I, Dima Amro, being of sarcastic mind and soporific body (@PLAW) leave Malak the ability to sleep anywhere, Lara and alarm clock, Hala our loud movie nights Rihana my panda onesie, Ansa, the power to get through highschool, and Nasar some new jokes.


Joe Angelillo

Being on sound mind and very attractive yet short body, I do herby bequeath all my cross-country knowledge to Chris Rayder and Bradley Turner. I leave lots of great history talks to Mrs. P, many mispronounced/misread names to Callie Strini, and lots of texts to Chris Rayder. To Amelia, and I leave lots of crappy races. To Sorre, I leave the dismal hope that you’ll get that school record and to the squad I leave my love. To Pat Gardner I leave the hope that someone overtakes you for valedictorian.


Hassam Arshad

I leave behind to the class of 2017: a case of senioritis and senior privileges that will most likely be taken away at some point next year.


Marah Barnhart  

To Noah I leave my car and Latin II to Ave. To Ella and Amelia I leave the team to lead well, to Michelle I leave you the honor of taking the entire team home from practice everyday. To Caroline I leave a walk down poplar. To Bailey I leave an amazing cross-country season. Finally, to Oliva Grace I leave you the responsibility to keep FEC seniors cool.


Mary Layne Beason

To Katy, Rachel, and Hannah, thank you for all the fun Latin memories, William and Nick, I hope you guys will use some of my life advice next year. I leave my love of online shopping to grace and unorganized FBLA competitions to Kassidy. Annabel and Allison, please go to every short in the sleeve concert you can. Bailey Dumlao, I leave you big hugs and the knife that got away, To my 7th period, try not to stress of the next two years, each of you will be successful, so get some sleep.


Coleman Blair

To my brother Reid, I leave the 9:30 school night curfew and one last year of high school. To Caroline Dargie I leave all of the awkward hallway encounters and a bag of ice. To Abby Gold I leave a pair of sweatpants. And to Ryan Adams I leave Allenby and the rest of our fishing adventures.


Aaron Boyd

“All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible. This I did.” –T.E. Lawrence


Parker Brown

I, Parker Brown, leave my fantastic taste in music, my ability to not dance, and my books for English to Emma. To Camille I leave my love of nerd culture… j.k. I’m taking that with me to college, you have enough as it is. Wolf-e, I leave you my ability to kinda sing decently. Tim, I leave you nothing, you’re better than me at like everything and you’re like 6’4. I’m leaving my sense of humor to no one, none of you guys will ever be as funny as me. Peace (insert emoji here)


Cooper Bullough

First off, shout out to Coach Lofton and Coach Irby for being the best to ever do it. To Terrell Tatum, I leave pregame jogs to center. To Alex Comas and Taryn Mouhot I leave my spirit in your next science class. To Davis Stewart and Grayson Kemp I leave 7th period soccer. To Jake Christoffersen I leave UFC, keep it going. To the baseball team I leave masnasnios. And lastly, wherever life takes you, always remember: lock the elbow, hit the NOS, grip the chicken, sink in the double under hooks, and put one in the sink.


Connor Caserta

I, Connor Caserta, leave all if my mediocre musical talents to the members of Cheap Shirts. I also leave GUYS NIGHT to Jeffrey and Cameron. Finally, I leave my godly rec soccer skills to Sebastian Musicante.


Natasha Caudill

I, Natasha Caudill, of history loving mind and candy filled body, leave Natalie and Lia all my shadiness. To Emily, i give all my marketing knowledge as well as Reagan’s sassiness. I leave Felicia with all our third period memories and breakfast meals. To Patrick I leave a slightly less than lit senior year since I won’t be there. I also leave my #besteyes legacy to someone who can actually see.


Christian Chi

I leave my witty Asian pride to Joshua Lee. I also leave my semi-decent musical skills to Thomas An. And I leave my best wishes to my brother, Emmanuel Chi, to finish strong in school.


Zach Childress

I, Zach Childress, of cloud blowing mind and mesmerizing body leave the OrthOne law suits to Garret Bates. I leave my locker in the cave to Carson Blackfan and I leave my sister a legacy of greatness to uphold the next three years.


Victoria Coleman

I leave my rifle skills and innocence to the one and only Jordan Gibson. I leave my “slight” shade throwing and bad driving to Morgan Wesley. Finally, I leave my love, care, and passion to the Houston High School Color guard and hope you guys are able to survive band camp… and Marcus whenever he decides to show up.


Clay Collins

We are the middle children of History. No purpose or place. We have no Great War, No Great Depression. Our War is a spiritual War, our depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on TV to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars, but we won’t. To every Mustang, I leave my outlook.




Nick Culver

Being of sporadic wind and nerdy body, to Peter I leave my incredible fashion sense. I trust my smirk to McLeod. Jandrei can have the section. To Josh I give the quintet (please keep it intact). I leave my heart with Luis. Lucia, you already got my sass. I leave my ugly dancing with Jillian.


Matthew Dale

I, Matthew Dale being of sarcastic mind and lanky body leave Mason the wrestling team; Jack, all the sarcasm in my soul; and Jake the expectation of leadership and greatness.  To pat, I trust you to watch over Spring Hollow.  To the football team, I hope you far better than we did.  To the wrestling team try not to tick Cholmes off too much, and good luck next year!  To all the great friends I have made over the past four years, I wish you all the best! Peace out Houston #SGOD


Dewin Davis

I Dewin Davis leave my popular ways to Johnny Ruffin and my sense of humor to Jaylen Clay.  I also leave my Chief Keef ways to Ryan Boyce.  To Alex Glidewell I leave all my funny time in boyer’s class.  To Olivia Holmes I leave all my love.


Anna Della Rosa

I, Anna Della Rosa, of school smart outweighing street smart mind and freshman body bequeath my babies Jenna and Cara “sexc swiss”, Little Caeser’s and my highly educated vocabularly as well as the best next 3 years of Houston Soccer; Cherish all the experiences and friendships that are yet to come.  And to my brother, Stef, I bequeath hot Cheetos, 2 years of pestering mom and dad, and the legacy of being the #1 soccer player in my heart.


Taylor Dent

I, Taylor Dent, being of intelligent mind and crippled body, leave everything cheer-related to Arie Cation.  To my beautiful cousin, Jayla Smith, I leave the strength to get through a successful senior year with nothing but positivity.  I leave my upmost love and support.  Enjoy it.


Emily DePriest

I, Emily DePriest, being of scattered mind and small body, leave my guard locker to Amada Dunphy; my title, “Queen of Giraffes” to Abbie Seaton; all of the never ending poke wars to Angel Nquyen; and the will to live to anyone not taking Bridge Math next year.


Eden Dunaway

I, Eden Dunaway, of relatively great body and overly-sarcastic mind, leave the following things to the designated people. To Elizabeth Grimm I leave two more years of dealing with Kirk. To Sydney Sapinsley, I leave ordering Papa John’s to the baseball field during games. To Ingrid Radic, late nights at the gym, trying to work out but talking instead. And to Major Dunaway and Christopher Colebanks- keep on being late to school every day of the week. Love you all.



Maya Easter

I, Maya Easter, of many rings and long weave do hereby leave Alexis Knowles my unapologetic beauty, Robyn Salzer my clever mind, Nick Gunter my senioritis, Mrs. Plasance memories of our class trying to get her off topic, and Ms. Garrison memories of me doing a runway walk in class.


Garland Fiser

To Olivia Holmes I leave Troy, my captain band, and the extra bed in my dorm. To Cara Brownie I leave whipping St. George’s and being the coach. To Mason Cobb I leave every church trip and my knees (just in case). To Abby Gold, team mom, I leave the team, Twenty One Pilots, and all the Taco Bell. To Natalie Ziomek I leave THE game ball. To Sebastian I leave my temper (use it wisely). To Nic, Dargie, & Cam I leave all my love, last year’s season, and the Farm. Peace out, and SGOD.


Caroline Fisher

I, Caroline Fisher, of Drizzy Drake mind and Sunkissed body, leave Bosses’ fries to Abby Gold, the name “ Champagne Mami” to Maddie Beaty, my love to Abigail Jones, Osaka dates to Claire Warren, and crazy weekends to Lexi Grisanti, as well as a place to stay in Oxford anytime.


Dalton Foust

Being of WWE mind and D1 manager body, I leave my possessions to the following. To my lovely assistant Payton, I finally give you the title “Head manager.” To Trevor Thorp I leave a 4 for 4 and a “straight-chill” life for Corey Wilson. To my boy B-Wack, I leave a dime. I leave the beloved Memphis Crew to Maddie Beaty. To Michael and Cullen I leave my wit and incredible sense of humor. I leave a multitude of pinches to Davis Stewart. To Barrone and Baby T, I leave a new shiny gold shuttle worth. I leave a sleeping grizzly bear to Nathan Farmer, and 1 RKO for all the jabronis to Grant Gaines. To my brother Hardy, I leave silent car rides, my hunting skills and a bottle of Ketchup. Finally, I leave my love, robots, and “42 hundred thousand” to my crush, Ashton Cope.


Whitley Bilger

I, Whitney Burger, of lost mind and fatigued body, would like to leave Squidward to Mrs. McKnight, 80’s cardio Friday to Ilyse to carry on to Mr. Spillman’s class. I leave Felicia my senioritis, and hope she uses it as well as I have. I leave Arbed with my hope that she makes it these upcoming years, as well as Jack Franklin. Good luck and good riddance (I Hope You Have the Time of Your life).


Brandy Jones

I leave all my theatre babies prayers and patience and love. I leave Ariel Smith my touch and long pants. And I leave my love to anyone who needs it. PEACE OUT KIDS.




Jeston Gardner

Although it’s over I’m leaving the senior class of 2017 all the puns that I’ve made so they can be reused for weird purposes. I also leave them all the senioritis cases that made senior year fun. If we did it then surely you can.


Lucas Gillihan

I appreciated how the teachers made our senior year relaxed and easy. And senior year was easy and fun.


Spencer Greenburg

To Ellen, I leave a copy of Star Wars. To Lauren, I leave a bowling ball. To LuLu, I leave a bag of peanuts. To Chad, I leave my guy.


Lindsey Grill

I, Lindsey Grill, being of loud mind and grillmaster body leave Natalie Grill the connotation of our last name and my fire mix tape. To Angel Nguyen, I leave my guard locker, our winking game and many Rachel Ray jokes. To Elise Garner, I leave morning car rides, turn ups and Molly Cyrus. I leave Amanda Dunphy all of her good looks and fights over “who looks better today.” To Lia Kolodziej, I leave my room. To my BFF Matt Taylor, I leave our jokes and laughter and turnt bus trips. And to my best friend Meghan Earl our many, best friend days. And a lifetime of putting up with me.


Julia Harris

Jakala Murray: I leave you the most school-spirited title. Josie Steen: I leave you my dedication to be well-rounded. Shaye Thomas: I would leave you my geometry binder (I found it the other day) but I have a feeling you won’t need it next year… All grades: I leave you the countless cups of coffee that got me through high school, the stress, and the many memories I made here at Houston.


Logan Harris

I appreciate how the teachers have genuinely cared about my future and my learning.


Hannah Haynes

I, Hannah Haynes, being of Rebel mind and cheer girl body, leave all Study Hall vent sessions to Caroline Barton, silent rides to school to Danielle Shaver, the best stunt group era to my Brooke’s (Brooke Lawson and Brook Szurpicki), and last but not least I leave all Mi Pueblo nights to my favorite junior boys (Especially QB1 j) Hotty Toddy


Mark Hyman
Of “Bag of Chips” body and Musical Mind. To Rocio, I leave bone jokes and being annoyed by the section. To Jon, I leave David. To the trombone section, I leave inappropriate jokes and messing around at bad times. To Marissa, I leave MY friends…just kidding. To Tyler, I leave my conversational skills and best wishes. To the band, I leave not much, but you know… I’ll be around. To Matt Taylor, I leave. That’s all.


Hailey Jeselson

I, Hailey Jeselson, of super sassy mind and soccer player body leave to Jillian Baker an amazing senior year and many memories with the soccer team, I leave Halle Stafford 2 more years of morning running and lots of long car rides, I leave Jenna Kemp lots of days of running lines and many for snow cone runs, and lastly I leave my sister, Hannah Jeselson, car rides by yourself to school and 2 more amazing years at Houston.


Jack Kenley

I, Jack Kenley, of sharp mind and D1 body, hereby bequeath the obnoxious “cacaws” in the hallway to Chase Smith, Emmett Whittaker, and Carson Blackfan; the “suh dudes” to Reid Withers and Corey Wilson; the “iced tea” to Jackson Little; the fun nights in the cage hitting to Nathaniel Farmer; the small Jeep line to Davis Stewart and Grayson and Harrison Kemp; the always interesting and incredibly vague and abstract convos to Reed Blair , as well as all of my dubloons. Enjoy your senior year. You only get one!


Nick Larkin

I, Nick Larkin, of sarcastic mind and dad body, leave Seth Cartwright a “greatttt” senior football season; Garrett Bates a big apology, and Connor Nelson all of Mr. Mitchell’s meltdowns.


Ben Leonard

I hereby declare that I leave Rayder all the limes, avocados, and pasta in the world. To Grant, I leave a razor and shaving cream. To Greg I leave pulling females. To Bradley, I leave running fast and telling random stories. To the rest of the cross country squad, I leave Shelby Farms, Wolf River Trails, and aching shins. To Finnegan I leave droplets of mist and whale noises. To the tennis team, I leave the spirit of Assistant Coach Johnson.


Kelvin Li
I, Kelvin Bruce Li, being of questionably educated mind and teriyaki body, bequeath my soccer mom mini trap van to Peewee Kim, my savage and politically correct humor to Pat Gardner, my love of science to Yesh Vasili and Vijay Rajagopal, and my best playlist to Jane Yan. Also Ethan Tran can have my flamboyance.


Gabby Little

I, Gabby Little, of genius mind and surfboard body leave all my soccer babies the winning legacy of this terrific last season with y’all and the ability to tell Isabel Nobert to shut up whenever they want because she’s always too loud! I leave Cara and Jenna the rights to sexc swiss. I leave Paola authority to have impromptu roasting sessions at practice. I leave Ben and Grayson all my physics knowledge. I leave the twins my car (J.K.) I leave Shaela the ability to be the biggest dawg at Houston and Jeramie Tate a gift card to Red Lobster.


Brian Lively

The Further on we get through the school year the more I realize that I’m going to leave behind things that I never had imagined. My friends are leaving and so am I. Some I will never see again, some I will. The thing I will miss the most is The Houston Band. I have spent four, short years having the greatest experience I could’ve asked for. Whether it’s moving countless friends, becoming a mature musician, or winning a band competition in front of 10,000, there is nothing more I will miss than the band.


Kacey Lloyd

I, Kacey Lloyd, leave Lauren Saylor my parking spot. I also leave my little brother, Max Lloyd, all of my knowledge of Houston High School.


Hayden Lovelace

I, Hayden Lovelace, of a motherly mind and a hotty toddy body want to leave my favorite hangout spot, Mi Pueblo, to my junior boys – Blackfan, Bates, Brandon, and Mark. Callie and Lulu – please calm down so Ms. Spain can handle you in SGA. Lastly, Payton Johnston, I am proud to leave you with my Diamond Girls next year. Take care of them for me!


Brandon Maxwell

I, Brandon Maxwell, being of baseball mind, and school-spirited body, leave my prized possession, the Mustang Mob to Carson Dorgie. I leave chill baseball practices to Corey Wilson. I leave Davis Stewart, Trevor Thorq, JC Reynolds, Grayson Kemp, and Andrew Peterson the PO life. I leave the best of luck to all my baseball guys, Terrell Tatum, Barrone Porter, Shane Ptacek, and Reid Blair. I leave Drake to Taylor Thorq. I leave the highest of rollercoasters to Olivia Jones. I leave three years left of high school to Sam Lawson. Lastly, I leave my heart to Brooke Lawson. Thank you for making senior year, the best year yet. Keep it real ‘stangs. Bmax out.


Mick Allen McCarty


I, Mick McCarty, leave cash the attendance office work load and Mrs. Carpenter cokes in her secret hiding spot (bottom book shelf). I leave Mr. Kolod ALL THE bad THINGS, because “we can’t have nice things” and shout-out to Mama G. for being the best teacher I ever had! I leave Jonathan Hicks my starting spot as LSM. I leave my little sister (A.K.A. Kelsey Nadler) good jokes and snapchats. Lastly, I leave my real sister the struggle of parking at Houston.


Jace Patton

I Jace Patton of a Florida mind and incredibly awesome body, leave the Daily Pic to Brandon Tipsord.


Claire Payne

To Elizabeth Grimm, I leave the crucial position of Best Buddies Activities Coordinator. May your group events be filled with stress and laughter. To Felicia and Patrick, I leave the Pony Express. May your articles be filled with Trump and Kanye. To the rest of Houston, I leave the crowded, dangerous hallways and the many hours I spent staying up finishing last-minute homework.


Mariana Prieto

I, Mariana Prieto, of southern mind and Colombian body, leave Rachael Burton our hallway walks. I leave the junior Bays our Mi Pueblo trips. I  leave JC Reynolds our Taco Bell runs.


Nathalie Prior

Oh where to start… if only I knew I would be transferring to Houston High School from Germantown I wouldn’t have known my high school year would be full of multiple memories. Both positive and negative, but both have beneficial outcomes for reasons. Creating memories is what Houston is all about, learning from your mistakes in school and out of school. I write this hearing will to the following friends who welcomed me to the Mustang family: Sonia Hopkins, Sarah Grace Stagoski, Natalie Michael, Kyle Needham and Meredith Dickey. I love you all very much and wish for great memories to come in each of your futures.


Mary Parker Powell

I, DJ A$AP MP, of Kendrick Lamar mind and awkward body, leave Nicole a friend because all of hers are graduating. I leave my baby brother all the love in the world. I leave Jkemp all the hand hugs and cherries you can think of. Barrone, I leave you Terrell because he can’t do his senior year without help. Trev I leave you my hand in marriage. Houston soccer I leave you another state championship because y’all deserve it. Last but not least, Baby T I leave you my heart, thanks for a great senior year.


Chance Pullen

I, the Great Eight, of my athletic body and Odell looks leave Jeramie Tate my lunch table tales, leave Terrell Tatum my amazing hands and the sacred #8, leave Garrett Bates my injury- free senior year, leave Kam Shorter locker room forearms, Barrone Porter my LUS love, Emmett Whitaker my ankle- breaking routes and helmet flow, William Walls my light skin game and finesse skills, and lastly Michael Gladney my skills so he can play football at Florida and my awesome face soap.


Cameron Roach

I, Cameron Roach, of basketball mind and the body of Zeus, leave Brandon Tipsord the chants of the student section, Mac Jones and Garrett Bates the GAC, my brother Clayton the roach name, and Rachel Burton sushi Wednesday and my heart.


William Robertson

Through the past 4 year struggle of high school, I have come upon many tools to assist me in my journey, however, will no longer need for the future. I here by leave the years of procrastination to Cooper as an example of what not to do when you have an essay, Calculus test, and Physic test the next day. I also leave behind the night I stayed up until 2:00AM with friends when I had the ACT the next day to Sam. Choose friends over tests.


Hunter Reid

I, Hunter Reid, being of sound mind and body, in the event of my death, do hereby bequeath all of my treasured belongings to Mark & Sharri Reid. In the event of becoming a permanent comatose patient, whose only means of surviving is by machine, I request that life support be ended.


Katie Caroline Sayres

Of mind and lanky body. I leave national bike to school day to Lennie Barolay and I leave Denzel to Nicole Forsythe, say hello to Biscuit.


Matt Scamardo

These past four years of high school have been some of the best. I want to thank Mr. Smith, Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Nesvick for giving me an awesome expierence of being in the band. Also a big thanks to all my best friends that have help made these years awesome. Thanks guys, y’all know who y’all are.


Ayrton Schafer

I, Ayrton Schafer, being of a robust mind and lusty body, leave Seth Cartwright, the Ag cave; Terrell Tatum the outfield; Reid Blair, the pullout couch; Matthew Reid, soggy napkins; Davis Stewart, gas station runs; Shane Ptacek, dealing with Coach Day; Corey Wilson, “O’s” to Oxford; and Allie Allen, dinner at Osaka.


Cameron Smaw

In this senior will, I leave my athleticism to Paola, I leave my wonderful viola playing to Hader, I leave my savage ways to Ben and Connor, I leave my wild partying to Carson, Kenzie, and Taylor, I leave my ability to hit cars to Gummy, I leave my bad twerking skills to Chari.


Phoebe Taylor

I, Phoebe Taylor, of 40 year old divorced mom mind and 17 year old body, leave the Dream Team that no longer exists to Olivia Wiles and Alex Mellinger. I bequeath the game Rolling Sky to Carson Dargie. To Caroline Dargie and Chessie Grisanti, I leave the “fun” times in Ms. Penn’s. To Reid Blair, I leave all the study hall dumps you need. Abby Gold, I give you all my clothes, only you can wear them as good as me. And last but definitely not least, I leave Olivia Holmes with the greatest senior year you could ask for. Make the most of it. Love you girlie☺


Lauren Tetleton

I, Lauren Tetleton, being of crazed mind and awkward body, leave Katie Kagan rides to school. I have no more friends in younger grades. As a matter of fact I don’t even know Katie. Hey Katie, I’m Lauren.


Adrionna Thomas

I, Adrionna Thomas, leave great memories of fun and laughter. My wish is that we keep laughing because who doesn’t love a great laugh?


Chandler Tillery

Emily Welch, I leave you daily bathroom breaks and spontaneous Chick-fil-A trips. To my orcha-dorks, I leave you the same practice records I sent all year. Best buddies, I leave you all the amazing memories we made this year. Coach Becker, I leave you crumpled paper on your floor… yes, that was me, sorry! To future seniors, I leave you every bit of senioritis, unless you already have it.


Mary Morgan Truitt

I, Mary Morgan Truitt, of goofy mind and volleyball body, leave all the volleyball girls Buford’s workouts, long car rides, and all my luck! Y’all better kill it next year, I will miss you dearly.


Alyssa Turner

I would leave my humor and communication skills behind for the underclass students. They are going to need a great amount of humor, because humor is going to get you through the day and is going to make your time at Houston a little easier. Great communication skills will make your relationship with your teacher and peers solid.


Taylor Warren

I, Taylor Warren, with my crazy mind and short body, leave my last name to Claire Warren, I leave Friday nights to Maddie Beaty. I leave my heart and soul to Hannah Thomas, I hope you have a wonderful senior year babe! For the rest of Houston underclassmen, I leave the Collierville games and hard tests. Represent SGOD always and don’t forget, stay classy stangs!!


Rivers Whitaker

I, Rivers Whitaker, leave Nicole Forsythe a wonderful senior year like mine. Along with a great year I leave you my love, swag, and short shorts. Try not to be caught by Mrs. Jones if you wear them. I also leave Jeffrey Cochran weird choir memories that he will experience as a senior.


Bryson Wilkerson

I, Bryson Wilkerson, being of a nerdy mind and of marching season body leave Andrew French some bananas and my poor jokes. I leave Elise Garner and the rest of stick squad epic fist bumps. I leave all of my friends warm hugs to brighten their days. Last but not least, I leave Sarah Waddell my heart so she may cherish it always.


Tyra Williams

I, Tyra Williams, being my obviously caring self have decided to leave the following: to Skylar Hampton, many hallway “hey’s”, naps on my couch, Starbucks runs, and car jam sessions. To Sorre Bah, a new mom and gas money to drive to Little Rock, I mean Fayetteville. To Corey Wilson, I leave a Sonic run, my treat of course and to Patrick Canter, I leave another year of Newspaper without me, some hoodrat music, and an undeniable love for chocolate. Oh, and to Alex Comas, I leave a year without being judged by me. #SGOD for life.


Baylor Williamson

I, Baylor Williamson, of angelic mind and uncomfortable body, leave Lexi Grisanti my chronic bad luck and ability to trip over any surface. To Garrett Bates I leave nights at mi pueblo, the burden of being the only responsible one in the group, and the job of making sure my sister stays out of trouble. To Carsyn Childress I leave you a Baylor free household and every ounce of sass/sarcasm I have. To Maddie Heinz I leave many many tardies due to my sisters notorious ability to never wake up on time. And last but not least to Hattie Williamson I leave three more years of high school, arguments with our parents, and all my love. Have fun baby girl try not to miss me too much:)


Connor Young

I, Connor, being of intricate mind and beautiful body, hereby bequeath Preston V and Murph the Jeep group. To Mallory, Camryn, John, and Madelyn, I leave squid. To Robert and Joe I leave cookie night and Chili’s 2 for $20. To Sebastian and Rex I leave the soccer team and another state championship. To Dean and JC, I leave the ag cage and FFA leadership. To Carson Dargie, I leave the job of group me savage. And to Ellen Suchomer I leave my endless love. Thanks for all the memories Houston.