JUNGLE BOOK Movie Review


Mary Parker Powell, Staff Writer

The Jungle Book is another Disney film trying to appeal to too many different audiences.

If you’ve seen Disney’s great animated movie from 1967, you know what the story is here – though this live-action version of the classic tale has a splash of The Lion King thrown in for good dramatic measure. It follows Mowgli, a young boy/Man-cub who has lived in the jungle for as long as he can remember – raised by a pack of wolves led by Akela and Raksha. While Mowgli is certainly seen as a strange presence amongst the other animals in the community, he is largely accepted… that is, until the scarred tiger Shere Khan arrives back on the scene

The Jungle Book has the classic songs and decent messages, but also has violence and dark themes which in most cases is not suitable for young children.

The effects aren’t amazing and I didn’t find it that well made overall, which is hard for me to say being a big Jon Favreau (director) fan.

The action scenes are okay, but way too much for kids. I wouldn’t really recommend the film, but if you’re going to watch it, screen it first for younger kids. Although I didn’t like the film or find it to be very well made, it isn’t too bad. Give it a shot if you have slightly older kids or are okay with some intense violence.