YAY Earth!

Tyra Williams, Staff Writer

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The thought of our precious mother Earth going to shambles is scary right? There are many reasons why we, as a race, should be concerned about our beloved planet including: melting ice sheets, crazy hot heat waves, rainforest disappearing, crazy temperature records and dying species. Sounds really bad right? Well there is nothing to fear according to CNN. The world is working to combat the issues.

195 countries have agreed to fight pollution. Pollution causes climate change and without drastic climate changes, the fear of melting ice sheets, hot heat waves and unexplainable temperatures will no longer be a threat. Solar energy is becoming increasingly cheaper. The price dropped by almost 50% making it more affordable- solar energy takes away the need to burn fossil fuels and fuels in general. Also, electric cars are becoming more popular and more efficient- and not that expensive, but I mean what’s a small price to pay for a clean earth? Unless you are trying to buy a Tesla, that’s a large price. The world as a whole is putting more money into clean energy techniques and less into coal and gas.

Those are just a couple of the reasons the earth is no longer falling to shambles. No fear, we’re trying and we are succeeding.  Mother earth is not getting rid of us so easily.

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