MS Anti-Gay Legislation Faces Backlash

Felicia Dattilo, Staff Writer

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Early this April, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed a bill that will give businesses the right to refuse service to gay couples based on their religious beliefs. In a statement, Bryant claimed the bill was being signed “to protect sincerely held beliefs and moral convictions.” In addition to allowing refusal of service, the law also allows government employees to refuse to perform marriages or issue marriage licenses based on their beliefs as long as the marriages and licenses are still provided in a timely manor. In North Carolina, a similar law was enacted that bars local governments from giving any gay and transgender people civil rights protections.
This law has been met by a lot of backlash from many directions. Rock artist Bryan Adams canceled his concert in Mississippi in protest of the law. Due to the similar law in North Carolina, rock artist Bruce Springsteen also canceled a concert. Also in protest of the North Carolina law, internet payment company, Paypal, has canceled a 3.6 million dollar investment in North Carolina, along with many other businesses who are also pulling out of North Carolina and Mississippi.  Despite the heavy backlash, many state leaders are standing strong to back this bill.

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