“Worse than a red cup”


Bryson Russell, Staff Writer

 Previously, Starbucks had been in the news over their holiday cups. Now, in a smaller note than had been previously seen. An employee at Starbucks thought it would be funny to change the name on a customer’s cup to “Diabetes here I come”. The Customer did not wish to reveal his identity, so he is to be left unnamed. The man normally receives his coffee via another employee at his work, along with other staff.

    One day that employee went to get everyone’s coffee as per usual, but one of the cups didn’t have the name. When the man whom the coffee was for received it, he was taken back a bit. He stated “That first word just automatically brought the picture of both sisters in my head, and I was taken aback.” Both of the man’s sisters have type 1 diabetes. He later went to the same Starbucks to return the cup, with an added note.

    He wrote onto the cup “2 of my sisters are diabetic, so … not funny.” He claims he does not wish to seek any revenge or punishment for the employee who changed the name, but he would just like for that person to know what they’ve done. Starbucks had given an apology to the man, claiming that they try to hold their staff and work to a higher standard than what has been shown.