NFL Player Killed

Patrick Canter, Staff Writer

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Saturday, April 9th, was a sad day for the city of New Orleans, the Saints football team, and all those who enjoy watching the NFL. Former star of the New Orleans Saints, Will Smith, was gunned down in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans. Smith served as a defensive end starting at Ohio State University in his college days, and was drafted to the Saints in 2007. He was one of the key players in the Saints 2009 Super Bowl win against the Colts, and continued with a successful career.

The shooting occurred on April 9th, around 11:30 pm, just after Smith and his wife had finished their dinner at a local restaurant. The motive for the shooting, while still not confirmed, is becoming more and more apparent that it was an act of road rage. It was reported by witnesses that a man hit Smiths car, not doing any substantial damage, and Smith exchanged a few words with the man. As Smith walked back to his car, he was shot 8 times in the back, and his wife was shot twice. This is the 16th fatal shooting in New Orleans in 9 days.

While the cities heart goes out to Smith and his family, his death will help shine a light on New Orleans long lasting homicide problems. Hopefully many will look at this act of senseless violence and start working to make changes. Many gathered for a candle light vigil at the New Orleans Super Dome in honors of Smith life. Many prayed for the Smith family, and the prospect of change in the city.