Easter Massacre


Bryson Russell, Staff Writer

  ISIS is known by many people as a terror group yet it would seem their terror shows no bounds. It had been reported that an Indian catholic priest named Father Tom Uzhunnalil would be crucified by ISIS on Easter. The Archbishop of Vienna had claimed that Father Tom was indeed dead, though Father Tom’s death is uncertain. Whether or not Father Tom was actually crucified on Easter or not has yet to be confirmed. Father Tom was in fact abducted from a nursing home in Yemen on March 4th by ISIS militants.

    The militants posed as relatives going to visit before opening fire. During the abduction, four nuns, two staff members, a guard, and eight elderly residents had died in the process. After his abduction, his captors claimed that they would torture him then finally end his life on good Friday through crucifixion. Though, since Father Tom’s death is unconfirmed, many would pray that there is hope for him yet. With the recent attack in Brussels, it would seem that ISIS is on a rampage. Reports are still conflicting and it is not yet known if Father Tom is still alive or if he is indeed dead.