Patrick Canter, Staff Writer

March Madness is nearing its end this year, and we finally know which teams had the talent, skill, and incredible luck to make it to the Final Four. For the 2016 tournament, those teams are Villanova, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Syracuse. All these teams showed that they are great organizations throughout the tournament, but it surprising to see Syracuse in this years Final Four. They have been known to be a great team, but this year they were ranked 10th seed and faced many tough teams. For comparison, Villanova and Oklahoma are both 2nd seed teams while North Carolina is a 1st seed.

The game between Villanova and Oklahoma should be a close match. Both teams have been scoring well through out the tournament and there defenses have been doing a great job of allowing their team to get a steady lead. This match up should lead to an excitingly close game, as both teams are incredibly talented. While many have ranked Villanova as having a slight advantage, many still think Oklahoma has a huge chance of giving them a run for their money.

The North Carolina vs. Syracuse game on the other hand, isn’t as evenly matched. Syracuse, while having preformed well, had lower scores throughout the tournament, and will be facing the top ranked team in the country. Syracuse may be the under dog, but if March Madness has shown us anything, its that upsets are always a huge possibility, and Syracuse has had plenty of those this tournament.

The end of March Madness is always exciting, and anything can happen. All the teams in the Final Four deserve to be there, and will fight to the bitter end. This should be an exciting end for this year’s maddening March Madness.