GA Teacher Abuses SPED student


Emily McFarland, Staff Writer

On Thursday, March 17th, disturbing video was captured on a school surveillance camera in Tifton, Georgia. Footage shows special education teacher Amelia Stripling in pursuit to her classroom, as she sees one of her students blocking the door.

The four-year-old boy didn’t notice his teacher standing behind him before she decided to slam her knee into the boy’s back, causing him to dive head-first into the ground.

Although the boy was not critically hurt, the incident is being put under investigation by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services. Stripling, an employee of the school system for over two decades, resigned from her position as soon as the video submerged to media. Her biography has already been removed from the school’s website.

As the boy had just turned four the day before the incident, one cannot help but question why anyone would feel the need to physically hurt a child.