First Daughters Raise Havoc at their First State Dinner

Tyra Williams, Staff Writer

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America has watched Sasha and Malia Obama grow up in the limelight. After almost eight years in the White House they attended their first State dinner- only to cause an outrage on Twitter about the price of their dresses.
Many tweeters are failing to overlook that the dresses were loaned, and not paid for by taxpayer’s dollars. It is expected for the President and his wife to be criticized or any public figure but it is always a shock when their children are openly harassed.
Michelle Obama wore a Jason Wu dress and the sisters opted for beautiful embroidered Naeem Khan dresses. The dresses were flattering and extremely age appropriate, and evening appropriate. Their first state dinner was to honor Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
All controversy over the dresses streamed from the fact that the dresses were an estimated $20,000 a piece, once again, I will reiterate, these dressed were loaned.
The tweet that started the uproar was from ABC news anchor Kristen Sze. Sze deleted the tweets but not before the uproar was on full leash. After deleting the tweets Sze followed up with a tweet that said, “Deleted tweets when realized they failed big time. Didn’t mean 2 hurt any feelings. #mybad.”
To sum up, Sze tweeted before considering consequences and was shortly set straight.