Trudeau Makes Official Visit to DC


Natasha Caudill, Staff Writer

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Washington March 9 and 10, complete with a state dinner. The dinner is only the tenth that Obama has hosted and marks the first time a Canadian Prime Minister has made an official trip to Washington in almost two decades.

Trudeau was sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada last November and has gained popularity through his progressive beliefs and charm. Upon arrival Obama jokingly questioned, “It’s about time, eh?” Talks between the two leaders included how to improve the U.S.- Canada border, global warming initiatives, softwood lumber agreements, and openness on the global scale from threats such as ISIS. Some have even dubbed Trudeau the “Anti-Trump.” Despite Obama speaking against the Republicans in his speech, Trudeau stayed away from speaking about the U.S. political election.

A formal state dinner was held in Trudeau’s honor and was complete with Canadian celebrities. It was also the first state dinner with Sasha and Malia Obama, who Trudeau praised in his speech. While some question how much can be achieved in Obama’s short term that is left, it is still clear to see that Canada and the U.S. continue to uphold stellar relations on the world stage.