March Madness is Underway


Patrick Canter, Staff Writer

Its March! And that means March Madness is in full effect. The excitement that surrounds the biggest tournament in college basketball is no different this year, as millions of fans have made brackets, speculated, prayed, and tuned in to watch. They experience the high highs and low lows that have always made March Madness great.

The tournament has already been fast paced and action packed. It seems like in only the blink of an eye we’ve arrived at the Sweet 16, and its been a bumpy road to get here. The first round played out as it has in the past years, the top tier teams beat their lower tiered competition, and there were some huge upsets. One of the most talked about was 12th seed Yales 79-75 win over 5th seed Baylor. Baylor has always had good runs in the tournament, so for them to be beaten in the first round by a 12th seed team was shocking. Another major upset in the first round was 15th seed Middle Tennessee’s 90-81 win over 2nd seed Michigan State. Middle Tennessee barely made it into this years tournament so for them to beat one of the top most teams in the tournament was pretty maddening. (wink wink)

The second round wasn’t nearly as intense, with most the major teams winning. But it did bring about the Sweet 16, with many exciting match ups. Many of the top tier teams are now set against each other, making for close games and probable buzzer beater moments.

March Madness is well underway and just as exciting as always.