Detained United States College Student Makes First Public Appearance

Detained United States College Student Makes First Public Appearance

Tyra Williams, Staff Writer

University of Virginia student, Otto Warmbier, was detained in Pyongyang. North Korea for a unspecified “hostile act”, thought to be the theft of a propaganda sign, against the state.

Warmbier’s apology speech, where he said that his aim was to “harm the motivation an work ethic of Korean people and that his plan was very severe and pre-planned, was released on February 29th.

Warmbier also apologizes by stating that he “never should have allowed myself to be lured by the United States administration to commit the crime”, along with stating that there was monetary incentive; a woman that attends the same church as Warmbier was said to offer him a used car that was worth up to $10,000,  Warmbier also claims that he was urged by a church in Ohio, a secretive university organization, and the Central Intelligence Agency to “insult the North Korean state” according to

The authenticity of the apology video has already been called into question by major news sources including The Washington Post. The post claims that Americans who have been detained before and brought out to confess their crimes on camera in a courtroom were coached; the detainees were told what to say, which was evident when Warmbier said he was “impressed by North Korea’s humanitarian treatment of severe criminals like myself, and the reporters were told what to ask.

Nevertheless, Warmber appeared to be in good health.