Group Mentality Strikes

Group Mentality Strikes

Tyra Williams, Staff Writer

After disappearing from her home on January 27, 2016, 13 year old Nicole Lovell came up dead just across the state border.  Earlier that morning 18 year old David Eisenhauer, a Vigrinia Tech student was found in Blacksburg and was charged for kidnapping- later after finding a stabbed to death Nicole he was also charged with murder.

The next day, Natalie Keepers was arrested as an accessory to the crime and concealing the body. Natalie and David are long time family friends. Natalie was quoted by Washington Post saying that she was “just excited to be apart of something secretive”; and that’s why she helped conceal the body of the teenage girl she had no relationship with.

The search for Nicole was not halted the normal 48 hours due to a special liver condition the young teen had that required medicine daily and her mom said that her medicine was at home but Nicole’s minion blanket and a couple of bottles of water were missing. Her mother, Tammy Weeks, found Nicole’s room with a dresser barricading the her door and her window open. Weeks believed that her daughter had snuck out to meet David, her alleged boyfriend who she met through social media and only communicated with through an instant messaging app called Kik.

Natalie Keepers has been charged with accessory before the fact to first-degree murder, accessory after the fact and concealing a body- the most serious charge carries a maximum of life in prison. Einsenhauer’s bond hearing has not yet been scheduled yet but he is standing strong on the faith that “the truth will set him free.”