The New Face of FIFA

The New Face of FIFA

Mary Parker Powell, Staff Writer

Gianni Infantino, of Switzerland, took over FIFA after Sepp Blatter stepped down last year after involved with allegations of the corruption and wrongdoings to the organization

“I cannot express my feelings in this moment,” Infantino told delegates.

“I went through an exceptional journey, met many fantastic people who love football, who breathe football.”

“I want to work with all of you to work together and build a new era where we can put football at the center stage.”

Infantino won the first round of voting, but not necessary “two-thirds majority” to secure immediate victory.  He received 88 of 207 votes with Sheikh Salman three behind him.

However, in the second round of voting, Infantino gained 27 more votes, to claim the victory.

But Infantino is taking over FIFA at one of its most difficult times in its 112-year history.

Earlier Friday, FIFA voted in new reforms to help repair its reputation.

Those reforms include, limiting the presidents terms to only three years in office, while a new 36-member council will replace its executive committee.

Something else awfully new, the council must have a female representation from each confederation.

The new reforms also mean that the salaries for the president, all council members, and general secretary will be disclosed.