New Ghostbusters Trailer Release


Claire Payne, Assistant Content Editor and Staff Writer

On July 15th, the reboot of the comedy classic Ghostbusters will be released with all-female cast, and a modernized look. On Thursday, March 3rd, the official trailer was released, and people were ecstatic.

The trailer starts off with a little nostalgia with the original Ghostbusters theme song played by a haunting piano melody. It starts off with a few references from the original movies, including the library ghost, Slimer, proton packs, and Ecto-1. Everything mirrors the original film but is just more modernized and tweaked.

In the trailer, it also evident that the humor is a bit more physical than the original film. For instance, it features a hilarious clip of Leslie Jones slapping Melissa McCarthy.

Another feature that director Paul Feig really wanted to emphasize was that the four main ladies, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon, were not handed the technology, but they had to develop it themselves. This is another reflection of the original film: science is crucial to the movie. Feig said, “That’s what I love about the first one, the idea that Ivan, Dan [Aykroyd] and Harold [Ramis] had—people fighting the paranormal with science—just really resonated with us.”

Overall, the general reception of the trailer was positive, and people are incredibly excited for the film. The four main leading ladies of this reboot are all incredibly hilarious and will make the movie definitely worth watching.