March Madness Preview

March Madness Preview

Patrick Canter, Staff Writer

This is the first week of March. Many associate it with warmth, bright colors, and the beginning of spring. But for some, it is the start of the most exciting tournament in college basketball, the NCAA’s March Madness. For some, it will feel like a month-long birthday, and for others it will be a month-long doomsday. One things for sure, this March will be truly mad.

March Madness is notorious for major upsets, with some of the biggest basketball programs in the country losing to relatively unknown schools. (Basketball-wise.) Last year had some huge upsets, with two of the biggest being number 2 seed Kansas losing to number 7 seed Wichita State by a full 13 points. The biggest upset last year came towards the end of the tournament, with number 14 seed UAB beating the number 3 seed Iowa State by a single point, effectively destroying all predictions on the entire tournament.

This years tournament should be no less exciting, with predictions showing that this years final four should be the complete opposite of last years. So far most predictions have Vanderbilt, Missouri, Cincinnati, and St. Bonaventure, who’s had a surprisingly great season so far, with a 21-7 record and some of the top rated scorers in the country. Many also expect some major turn arounds in the tournament, with many hopefuls praying for Memphis, Wisconsin, and and Iowa to make a spectacular come back and save their somewhat unflattering records.

March Madness looks like it’s gearing up to be as exciting as ever.  With as many upsets for some and spectacular buzzer beaters for others. It looks like March will be electric.