Toddler Sentenced to Life in Prison


Bryson Russell, Staff Writer

In Egypt, a three-year old toddler was one of 116 people sentenced to life in prison. The toddler’s name is Ahmed Mansour Qorani Sharara, he is charged with a series of murders, attempted murders, and destruction of state property. The charges were placed in connection to crimes that been committed two years ago. How could a three year old commit these terrible crimes before he even turned two? When officers went to arrest the then 16-month old, they were very confused and took his father instead. Out of all of the confusion, it turned out that they didn’t even have the right family in question.
    They were actually looking for a 16-year old by the same name as the toddler. Though, an Interior Ministry spokesperson Abu-Bakr Abdel-Karim has stated that they were actually looking for the boy’s uncle. Egyptian lawyer Mohammed Abu Huraira says that it is just and excuse to cover-up their mistake. Military officials have declared this is a case of mistaken identity. This case has shined a light of what backwards judiciary system the Egyptian government has. They have been sentencing people to either death or life in prison in mass trials since 2013. Though since 2015, the toddler had been cleared of all charges and his father had been released.